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  • A synthetic and effective vision supporting trainings and matches
  • Awareness and control for a continuos improvement of goalkeepers
  • Wherever you are you can bring with you GKTrainer to collect and analyze scouting data
  • GKTrainer allows data collection, performances analysis, exercises scheduling and results measuring.


It shows the multimedial contents associated to the goalkeeper: personal data, trainings, matches, tests.

2Tests and maximals

It allows monitoring the goalkeeper's values of tests and maximals in a certain period of time.


It's possible to have all the prints regarding the goalkeepers, matches, exercises and trainings.

goalkeeper trainer training


A wide range of exercises for developing the tecnical, conditional and coordinative capabilities.

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Graphical display of anthropometrical measurements and evaluation parameters for matches and trainings.

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goalkeepertrainer gara

Matches analysis

All the data regarding matches, goals, actions and evaluation of the goalkeepers are easily accessible.

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